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Martin Amann | Consultant
M.Sc. Cognitive Neuroscience / Academy of Neuroscience (Prof. Dr. Dr. Gerhard Roth)

“I am aware that it is not easy for many marketing and advertising professionals to let go of traditional ideas and paradigm, which they have come to love in favor of “neuro’. Neuroscientific findings, however, show clearly how we can stimulate areas in the brain, and specifically the reward system, to trigger a “wanting”.

Ann Amann | Consultant
M.Sc. Communication / College Luzern

“The essence of successful communication is to know based on what motive and value system the recipient will decode the message. If the message, verbal or non-verbal, does not correspond with the recipient’s motives and values, the message will not have the desired effect.”

Ursula Kaspar | market researcher, consultant & marketing professional

„One of the core questions in marketing is, why consumers do what they do. It’s virtually impossible to get a valid answer from consumers by asking about their motives directly, as most of their decisions are being done subconsciously. To be able to visualize the subconscious decision processes is thus a vital step to get closer to the market truth.”
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Pierrine Ruckstuhl | Consumer Experience and Research Consultant
Psychologist lic. phil. in applied psychology / University Zurich

“The validity of market research results increases significantly if the answers are segmented with the LimbiCODE® personas. By comparing the results of the limbic core target groups and its diametrically opposing LimbiCODE® persona, valuable findings can be gained to optimize advertising activities.”

Prof. Dr. Stephen Witt | Know-how and insight provider
Professor em. / University of Surrey, UK

Chair of economics and statistics with focus on econometric models. He has published 30 books and 150 professional articles.

“In the many years of lecturing and from a multitude of research I have gained fundamental knowledge of macro and macroeconomic relationships and connections. My task at IfLK  is to offer insight in to current economic situations and particular insights into future developments.”


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