Neuroscientific findings can support you in designing your marketing and advertising activities more effectively

LimbiCODE® advertising investment-ROI analyzer
Have you ever asked yourself, if your advertising offers the maximum return on investment (ROI)? Our service comprises a 360-degree view of all relevant aspects, such as positioning, customer touch points and advertising. Our experts will offer you detailed feedback regarding the areas, where, from a neuroscientific point of view, potential contradictions or discrepancies are present. This analysis will either lead to direct recommendations how to improve your marketing activities or are the foundation to gain further insights, f.e. with market research.

LimbiCODE® segmentation
On the grounds of the LimbiCODE® map we define the target group along the lines of neuroscientific principals. The basis for the LimbiCODE® segmentation is an analysis of the market segment, as well as the advertising for the brand should it already be in the market.

LimbiCODE® brand positioning
In a workshop we develop on the grounds of the LimbiCODE® segmentation a contradiction-free brand positioning for your target groups.

LimbiCODE® brand analyzer
We analyse the brand’s relevant consumer touch points in order to expose mistakes or contradictions in the applicable communications.

LimbiCODE® AdAnalyzer
Whether or not advertising has the maximal impact depends on its ability to activate the target group’s reward system.  Where applicable we analyze advertising with implicit market research strategies in order to detect optimization potential.

LimbiCODE® market research
In order to get a clear idea about the user of a brand as well as their purchase motives, we conduct market research and analyze its results with LimbiCODE®. The research is done in cooperation with one of our partners or an institute of your choice.

Customer journey / Customer experience in the hotel business
Based on our long experience in tourism we offer hotels and resorts an innovative approach, based on neuroscience to compete better in this highly competitive market. For more information please click